Corporata Ltd
Company Registration: No.03007054


Official notice:

Since 2006 Corporata Ltd has operated as an Internet seller of billiard tables through the Matchtable website.

After 1 July 2016 Corporata Ltd has ceased to trade.

The company was formally dissolved on 4 April 2017



Corporata Ltd: History

Corporata Ltd was set up as a business consultancy in 1993. The original name was Consensus Software Ltd and the name was changed in 2006 to Corporata Ltd. It was first set up as a contracting company covering all aspects of mobile communications and website development. Between 2001 and 2005 Corporata focussed its research and development into the Foodcounts project: a system of nutrition monitoring by mobile phone whilst the main active project was Telekata: the Xpertdail system for International call routing. Post 2006 Corporata partly switched to the high-end consumer marketing of Billiards over the Internet through Matchtable, collaborating with the original directors of PSL of Bournemouth (established in 1988). Also, during this time a number of voluntary, public interest websites have been developed and maintained.

Corporata Ltd: the owners

A small family enterprise, the main director is Denise Allott. The company secretary and website author is Mike Allott